NZXT Cam: NZXT is to produce an ultra-high-end cam that will allow you to film everything from a surf beach to a train station in real time, says NZXT founder David Furlong

NZXT has announced a new super-high end cam, the NZXT T4, which will offer users a whole new set of capabilities, allowing them to capture the moment at a level that could only be achieved with a high-end camera.

The T4 is set to hit the market in September, and will be the first super-capable camera in the world to offer the following features:Capture and edit video and video editing software with the T4Video capture, editing, editing software,NZXT,camera,camera-quality,video,camera quality,camera tech,camera technology,video camera-quality software,camera software,video-recording,video recorder,video recording,video converter,video codec,video format,video technology,photo,photo technology,camera camera,camera company,camera system,camera hardware,camera processor,camera lens,camera type,camera user,camera resolution,camera sensor,camera source The NZXT name,The T-4 is NZXT’s first super high-quality cam.

It will cost $7,999 (£4,699).

It’s the latest of a long line of super-compact camera techNZXT is a maker of high-tech camcorders and cameras, but this one’s special.

The T4 has been developed from the ground up by NZXT, which has been working with the company since it launched its flagship camcorder in 2007.

It has the camera’s full-time developer, and also comes with a full suite of software that allows users to take high quality video and editing.

The company says the camera can do everything from filming a beach, to capturing a train, or even video-chatting with people.

“The T 4 is the camera to beat for video quality,” NZXT CEO David Fink said.

The camera’s ultra-wide viewfinder makes it easy to see details and make edits without having to zoom in.

And it has an integrated audio recorder, so you can record your entire conversation with the camera in real-time.

The video recording also lets you record audio as well as video, and allows you to record audio from up to five meters away.NZXT says the T- 4 will have up to 1.2 million exposures per second.

It’s equipped with a 64-bit processor, which is more powerful than the processor on many camcords, and the company says it can record 1080p video.

The camera is also equipped with the first-ever multi-core processor, and can handle up to 200 frames per second per second, making it ideal for capturing high-definition videos, or videos that use HDR.NZxt claims the camera has an ISO range of 100 to 12,500, which means it can shoot photos at ISO 400 and still keep a shutter speed of 1/10,000th of a second.

“You don’t need to worry about ISO 400 or ISO 1000,” said Fink.

“This camera has a lot more processing power, so it’s capable of shooting at ISO 10,000, and even ISO 25,000.

So if you’re shooting at 10,200 ISO 10 million shots, you’re still shooting at the same speed.

It takes a lot of processing power and it can take a lot longer to take a picture than it would if you had a camera that had more processing,” said NZXT.

“If you want to get really fast, you need a camera with more processing than this, so we can make that happen.”

The T camera has two cameras, a 1/4″ camcord, and a 4-inch camcORD.

The camcording feature lets you shoot photos with the camcones, while the camord lets you capture video.NZXt is selling the T camera for $7999.

Its $10,999 price tag is not cheap for a camera of this type.

And with an entry-level price of $2,699, NZXT says it is aiming to offer a price tag of $4,000 or more for the T 4.NZ XT will also be offering a “limited-edition” T-6 camera.

This is an upgrade of the cam.

“It’s a good camera for a date, a romantic moment, for a family moment. “

We think this is the best cam to record intimate moments, like an intimate moment with your partner,” said David Finks.

“It’s a good camera for a date, a romantic moment, for a family moment.

You want the camera that can record those moments with real-life intimacy.”

The T- camera will have a wide viewfinder that lets you see details, while still keeping a shutter open for up to 10 seconds.

The 4- inch camcorde