Gearbox Software has updated its jira software to work with Twitch streaming software

Gearbox’s software for Twitch has been updated to work better with the streaming platform, the company announced.

The update is available in the Settings app on the Gearbox website.

It also adds a new feature for those using the Gearzoom and Gearbox Fusion devices, which were updated with the same update.

Gearzoom owners can now set a “playback schedule” for their games, and can now also set “timelapse” to automatically record their games.

For those using Gearzox, the feature is available to toggle on and off.

Users can also access a new Settings screen where they can configure how much of their Twitch channel time they get to see on their device.

The Gearzolink and Gearzaxoom devices have also been updated with a new “timeline” feature that allows them to automatically watch their own and other users’ games, with a countdown timer, and even the ability to share their games with their friends.