Google+ ‘finally’ adds an audio interface

article Google+ finally got an audio-only interface, and it sounds awesome.

The new version of the social network has now got its own app, and has even added a new feature that lets users choose between a “Voiceover” and “Music” tab, as well as adding a new “Video” tab.

That’s all well and good, but it’s still a little weird that you’re now going to have to manually enter the names of your favorite songs.

But that’s actually what you want to do now.

Google+ is the latest feature to join the ranks of social networks that offer an audio/video interface, like Facebook and Instagram.

As we wrote at the time, Google+ Audio offers an audio experience with the same ease and reliability as its audio-video counterpart.

But it does offer a new way to listen to audio from any source: It’s called “VoiceOver,” and it’s just that: an audio app.

That means that while Google+’s app offers a lot of features, including a “Play” button to pause the video playback, it also does a lot more.

VoiceOver allows users to hear their favorite music, or just the words of their favorite song, through Google+ Music, a separate app.

It can even record a playlist of your most recent music, which you can then add to your “Music and Videos” tab in Google+, and play back at any time.

Google Music is an audio streaming service, and while Google is a company known for its music streaming, it does also offer a bunch of video and audio-based streaming options, including YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms.

The reason that Google Music can’t just be an audio streamer is because the company only provides video and voice content through its own services.

It’s not a video app, but a video streaming app.

YouTube isn’t a video-streaming service either, but YouTube’s audio content is available through its YouTube Red service.

Twitch is a video streamer, but only for its TwitchTV service.

And YouTube’s Music service isn’t really a video service, but an audio one.

That makes Google Music a bit of a puzzle to work with, and we’re going to explain it in more detail in the coming weeks.

And then there’s also Google Play Music, which offers a similar interface, with the added benefit of music playing in the background while you’re streaming.

And now, finally, we’ll get into the new features.

Google Play music interface The first thing that we’ll talk about is the new Google Play Audio app.

Google has released the app as a free download for all users, which means that users can install it and then use it for free.

The app includes a few new features, though none of them are particularly exciting.

The first is an “Audio-only” mode.

Google’s app lets users pick between two audio-free modes: a “Music-only,” which simply plays the current song; and a “Video-only”, which lets users play audio only while the video is playing.

The audio mode is still available when users choose “Voice Over,” which is why you can choose to hear your favorite music while listening to the video.

If you’re interested in watching YouTube videos while watching your favorite videos, you can switch back to the audio mode, as long as you keep watching the video while it plays.

This is probably the best use of this new feature, because it’s a little confusing at first.

But once you get used to it, it’s quite useful.

The other new feature is a “Videos” tab that allows you to add videos to your favorite playlist.

If YouTube, for example, is playing a video while you listen to it on your phone, you’ll have a playlist with all the videos from that video, which should make it easy to remember what you’ve been watching.

You can also add a new video to your playlist with a short description that’ll let you immediately recognize the video when you play it.

Finally, you’ve got a “Photo” tab for adding photos to your YouTube profile, which is very useful.

We haven’t seen any use for this feature yet, but we imagine it could be handy for those of you who use the Google+ Photo app to post photos to Instagram.

That is, of course, if Google is working on something similar for Google+ Photos, and they are.

Google says that “audio-only mode” is available in all supported Google+ platforms, and “video-only Mode” is only available in YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram; the latter two are currently only supported on YouTube Red.

This should make Google Music’s new feature somewhat less of a mystery, and more of a benefit to those of us who love audio streaming.

What about the new “Music tab”?

This new tab is similar to the one Google has added for its video app.

When you tap on the “Audio” tab on the left,