Google has hired Google Play salesforce software developer

A new hire at Google’s software division has joined Google Play Salesforce as its software engineer.

GitHub and Gmail, two of Google’s main apps, have been updated to work with Google Play, a service that provides a storefront to customers.

Google Play’s developer tool allows developers to quickly add features to their apps and integrate with Google Maps.

Software engineers, meanwhile, can build new Google apps, including its own Android and Chrome operating systems.

The hire comes on the heels of Google hiring a new product manager, who is expected to join the company in the coming weeks.

The new software engineer is expected, according to The Wall Street Journal, to focus on software development and will work closely with engineers at Google and other companies.

The hiring of the software engineer comes as Google and Microsoft have recently come to a new deal.

Microsoft is paying Google $1 billion for the right to use its Android operating system for new devices.

The agreement is expected last through 2021, according the Wall Street Journals.

Microsoft is also set to make some changes to the way it develops software for devices.

In October, the company said it would end its cloud-based service, Microsoft Azure, and switch to a standalone Azure-based product called Microsoft Azure Platform.