How to build a real-time chat app for android using a chatbot

By Alex KingThe Android platform’s chatbot app, Cam, has been designed to make you feel like a real person, according to Google, and developers are able to create it on their own hardware.

The software is also a great way to get more users on your side and, more importantly, get more money.

Cam, which Google is working on to build an app that allows you to interact with people and to send messages, has already launched a beta program on the Android Market.

This means that developers can get up to 60 percent of the app’s revenue, according, the app was also listed on the Google Play Store for $4.99.

Cam is available for download on Android devices for a $1.99 subscription.

It can be very difficult to understand a person’s voice and understand what they are saying, said David Lee, a partner at Austin-based software developer Sheppard.

The chatbot can also help you learn how to communicate, Lee said.

For example, if you want to ask for money, Cam will ask for your address.

You can even make a video chat with the chatbot.

It will answer your questions and show you videos of other people talking about the same topic.

If you have a friend who has a chat bot, you can try to make a conversation using that chatbot, said Lee.

Cam is not just for chatting.

You may want to use it to answer questions about your job or a project you are working on, and it can also provide you with feedback on the quality of the product or services that you are using.

It is also an effective way to keep in touch with people, said Alex King, vice president of technology at Sheppard, a software developer based in Los Angeles.

Cam allows users to send video messages to other people using a web browser.

Users can choose the recipient, and they can set a time and location.

Users can send videos to others using a mobile app that runs on Android.

The developers have created a way for users to interact without having to spend time on the phone or on the web, said King.

They are also working on a feature that lets users set a custom name for the chat bot.

Users also have the option to send images of themselves or a photograph of themselves, so they can also be identified.

The software uses images taken with its camera to show a person or person’s face.

The Cam software is available on Android phones running Google’s Android OS and on the desktop version of the Android operating system.

It can be downloaded for $1 from the Google Appstore for Android smartphones.

You can use the app for free.

Google said that developers will have to pay $5 to download the chatbots.

But it also said that any users who use the chat apps will get free voice and video messaging.

In terms of advertising, Sheppard said, Cam is not necessarily a game changer.

Google’s Cam has been available on the App Store for several years.