How to buy and sell a home with a little help from the internet

The Indian government is set to allow the country’s citizens to buy homes with an internet connection and the help of the internet.

A bill to allow citizens to use the internet in public places and businesses will be tabled in the National Assembly on Wednesday.

The government will issue a notification by Friday allowing citizens to rent or buy property from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for a maximum of two months, the National Capital Territory (NCOT) Times of London reported.

The bill will be introduced to the House of Representatives by Deputy Speaker Ram Gopalakrishnan on Wednesday morning, the paper added.

The law would allow citizens of India to access the internet from their homes, the Times of England reported.

According to a report in The Times, the bill is part of the government’s effort to attract more business to the country and reduce reliance on domestic telecom companies such as Reliance Jio.

The legislation would also enable people to register for internet service without needing to travel to an internet cafe or Internet café, the newspaper said.

Internet is a major economic driver in India, accounting for half of the countrys gross domestic product (GDP) and making up about 40% of the total revenue of the national economy.

It has become an increasingly popular medium for commerce and social interaction, and has been used to build digital infrastructure such as public transport and public education.

The NDTV report quoted the Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Ravi Shankar Prasad as saying: “This is a historic move by the government in bringing internet access to a vast section of the population and making it a necessity for daily life.

People are starting to use their mobile phones, making it possible for them to access information online.

This is a massive step in the right direction.”