IBM seeks to turn its online tools into businesses with cloud technology

IBM is in the process of acquiring a software company that has built a suite of tools that can be used by companies and enterprises to manage cloud-based resources, a company official said on Monday.

The acquisition would make IBM a leader in the use of the cloud and the integration of cloud-related technologies with enterprise software, said Joe DiSanto, the company’s chief information officer, in an interview.

The company is developing an IBM-developed cloud-management tool, called IBM Cloud Platform, which would allow organizations to deploy and manage resources such as applications, databases, and applications that require the flexibility to change and evolve with changes in business needs.IBM said it had acquired the software company, Quikr, for an undisclosed amount.

The deal, which could close by the end of the year, is a win for IBM, which has struggled to find businesses that need to run on its cloud infrastructure and wants to turn that into businesses.

In addition to QuikR, the deal also includes a software tool called IBM CoreLogic, which is used by software developers to run automated tests of software.

It would help IBM develop the tools, DiSanton said.

The move follows a year-long effort by IBM to build a suite that could be used for enterprises.

In December, IBM acquired an online-services company called Zendesk that it said could help IBM become a “world-class cloud platform” that could help it build its own cloud infrastructure.

IBM has also been looking for a partner for a similar cloud-managed services solution.