New logo design software helps companies save time and money

By JAY ANTHONY, AP NewsThe logo design is a big part of branding.

But for companies who need it most, the tools can be cumbersome.

The new Logo Toolbox app helps.

The company created it with the help of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and is available for download in the App Store.

The app, which is designed to help with branding for companies with hundreds or thousands of employees, allows for quick and easy logos designs.

You select a font, size and color for the logo.

Then you create a template and send it to your designers, who then create a design with that font, font size and a color.

The company uses logo design tools such as Logo Tools, which are designed to save time, as well as an assortment of pro tools that let users build customized logos, as the app description puts it.

There are other tools as well.

You can customize the size and width of the logo, change its color and use the icons to create a personal touch, the company said.

It’s also possible to use a variety of software to create logos, including Adobe’s Creative Suite and Illustrator.

But the company also has a free desktop tool, Logo Design Studio, that can be used to create logo designs for small to medium-sized organizations.

There’s also a free iOS app that lets you create logos for an organization or company with a smaller number of employees.

The logo can be created on any computer, tablet or smartphone, and can be set up to automatically save a copy to your computer or mobile device.

It can also be saved to a shared folder.