Software developer salary is about $50,000

Software developer salaries are high, with the average salary at $50.7 million, according to a new report.

The report by Deloitte shows software developers make up the largest employer in Australia, with almost 25 per cent of the Australian workforce.

Software developers have a median salary of $47,000, but that is more than double the median wage of $26,000 for engineers and scientists, according the report.

“Software developers are one of the largest employers in Australia,” said Robyn Williams, managing director of Deloittere.

“It’s one of those sectors that is very highly skilled, and it’s very important to get them to stay in the sector.”

Deloittle report data shows the Australian software industry has been growing at a rapid pace, with new software applications making up 20 per cent, and the proportion of jobs with a senior software developer at 11 per cent.

Deloiter’s latest software developer report was based on the latest available data.

The figures were based on a survey conducted by Delouitte, which is a global technology research and consulting firm.

The software industry employs more than 100,000 people in Australia and more than 5.5 million globally.

The average software developer earns $42,000 per annum.

Deloitere’s survey data is based on salaries and the amount of work they do each year, and how much the software is used for.

Deloyeres data includes salary for software developers in a variety of industries.

For example, software engineers earn $46,000 a year, whereas software developers who work on mobile apps earn $42 per month.

The median software developer salaries were $46 million, but the top salaries were at $45 million.

Delouiters report showed the top 10 industries for software developer earnings in Australia were: Healthcare and health technology