AMD and Nvidia’s new hardware partnership will help keep PCs competitive

Updated January 16, 2018 12:01:10 AMD and NVIDIA announced a new hardware alliance today, bringing AMD’s new Radeon RX Vega GPU and NVIDIA’s new GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card to market in early 2019.

AMD Radeon RX 470 is based on the Polaris architecture, and will be the first card to be built using AMD’s custom chip architecture.

AMD’s Polaris GPUs will be available in the RX 470 and RX 580, the company’s most powerful Vega GPU ever.

The Polaris 10 GPU is the first time the chip has been used to build a GPU that is optimized for gaming, with more cores and faster memory bandwidth than Nvidia’s Maxwell architecture.

It also includes AMD’s latest and greatest compute and graphics technologies, including the latest HBM2 memory and Vega-based compute units.

The Radeon RX 480 will be based on AMD’s RX 480 APU.

AMD will continue to support the Radeon RX 460 APU, which is built on the RX 480 GPU, but will also be the fastest GPU available for gaming.

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card is expected to follow the same roadmap, and it will be powered by the Pascal architecture.

The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti will also have a similar Pascal architecture, but it will ship with the same architecture as the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.

Both cards will be supported by the upcoming GeForce RTX Vega series of GPUs, which will launch later this year.

Both cards will feature a new Pascal GPU core, but AMD’s GPU will have a slightly lower clock speed, while NVIDIA’s will be significantly faster.

The Vega GPU will also feature AMD’s Neural Engine, which uses neural networks to process graphics and other data in real-time.

This allows the card to run at higher clocks speeds, without having to rely on Nvidia’s proprietary compute units for the task.

The Neural Engine is built into AMD’s Radeon RX 570, but is also supported on Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 cards.

The Nvidia GeForce GeForce GTX Titan X is expected in 2019, and is expected by some to be the most powerful GPU ever built.

Nvidia has already announced that it will use AMD’s Vega GPU for its new GPU, and that Nvidia will also use AMD to build its own Vega GPU.

Nvidia will likely be using the same GPU core as the Vega GPU, although AMD will likely use the same Neural Engine as the Pascal GPU.

Nvidia is also expected to launch a new GPU called the GeForce GT 1030 in the near future.

Nvidia says the GT 10 30 will have more compute units, more compute performance, and a much lower clock rate.

It will feature AMD-developed Vega architecture chips, and Nvidia will be using a custom chip to make the chips.