Blender maker gets $1B funding from Alibaba, Facebook

Blender is now in the news again, this time with a new round of funding from the Alibaba Group. 

In a statement to CNBC, Blender CEO Tim Kao said the round, led by Chinese investment firm DF Investments, represents a “significant milestone” for the company and a “further validation of our mission.”

“We are thrilled to announce the funding round we secured last month with DF Investments to accelerate our growth in China,” Kao wrote.

“We are currently working on the next step of our expansion, and will continue to be transparent and transparent with investors, which will help us reach our goal of building a fully integrated ecosystem for creators.”

Kao also outlined the latest milestone in Blender’s development, noting the software is now “almost ready for commercial release” and that it “will support a wide range of industries from video games to animation and more.”

Blender is already available for Mac and Linux and is available for free download.