How to upgrade your PS4 to PS4 Pro software

Posted November 16, 2018 15:11:52When you buy a new PS4 system, you’re also purchasing a new copy of the software that runs on it.

This means that you have to upgrade it from PS4 software to PS 4 Pro software.

However, there are some things you can do before you upgrade your system to PS Pro.

The first step is to install the newest version of your PS 4 system software.

The PS4 version is the one that comes with your PS VR headset and the PS4 Wireless Controller.

The Pro version is for PS VR only.

The PS4 Software update is available for download on all PS4 systems.

This version is a newer version of the PS 4 software that is still in beta.

You can find out more about the PS Plus software updates on this page.

You should check with your local retailer if the software is still up to date.

The first step in installing the PS Pro software is to go to Settings > Updates > System Updates.

This will show you the latest versions of the updates available to download.

It will also let you know if you need to update your PS Pro from one of the older versions to the newest.

The second step in upgrading is to follow the steps outlined on the PS VR Support page.

This step will allow you to upgrade the PSVR version of PS4 hardware.

The next step is for the PS3 software.

This can be done by downloading the latest version of any PS3 system software, but you should be careful to download only the older version of that software.

You may need to upgrade to the latest firmware version of some PS3 systems, which will update your firmware to the most recent version.

If you don’t, you may have to reinstall your PS3 to get the latest update.