Video conferenced technology may help save millions of dollars

Microsoft is working on ways to bring video conferencers to the home, and some experts say they may soon be available for everyone.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft’s new video confederations could soon be bundled with Windows and mobile devices.

The company recently acquired the video confernces business of Yandex, which has previously acquired technology companies such as Vevo, Skype and Yandor, which are also involved in the development of Windows and Xbox, respectively.

Microsoft and Yoror declined to comment on the WSJ report, but said that Microsoft’s video conferencys software will allow users to use the same devices as video conferents.

“The Windows-powered video conferences that we have now will be available to everyone in 2018 and 2019, meaning everyone can get the same level of security and privacy as before,” Yorors CTO, Vladimir Kuznetsov, said in a statement to WSJ.

The WSJ said that the technology could be incorporated into Windows 8, the next version of the operating system that Microsoft announced on May 31.

Microsoft is reportedly developing an Xbox-powered headset with the video conference features.

The company also said in March that it will soon introduce the Cortana voice assistant in Windows 10.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also recently announced plans to make video conference more personal.

In October, Microsoft CEO Satyendra Jain said the company was working on “enhancing the experience of using a video conference.”

Microsoft will launch a “video conference experience” in Windows 8 and Windows 10 on October 21.

The service will allow video confrerence users to create their own videos and share them with others, and Microsoft said it will support “a wide variety of video confersion applications.”

Microsoft also recently rolled out Skype for Windows 10, a video confederation application.

Microsoft previously rolled out a similar service for Android smartphones and tablets in January, but it’s not clear if the company will also roll out Skype to its own desktop operating system, Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft said that video conferrences could eventually be integrated with the Xbox video game console and other Xbox-branded products.

Microsoft’s Xbox console was recently purchased by Microsoft for $5.7 billion.

The Xbox is expected to become the largest-ever console and will become the only console to feature a video camera, and it will also allow users access to Xbox Live, the online multiplayer network.