What you need to know about the Apple Watch, iPhone X and the Apple Pay app update

Apple is now rolling out a software update to iOS 9.1, the latest version of iOS, that brings with it an update to the Watch app that brings the ability to set your watch face, iPhone or iPad’s home button, and even Apple Pay.

In iOS 9, users of the iPhone or the iPad could only use one home button.

This has been a problem for many users, but with the Watch, Apple is introducing a second home button option, which can be found on the Apple watch face and on the home screen of the iPad.

Apple is also bringing back the ability for Apple Pay to be integrated into the Watch’s apps and other functionality, and this means that you will be able to pay using your Apple Watch or iPhone with a tap of the button.

The Apple Watch will now be able use the new home button on iPhone X as well.

Apple Pay is still the best way to pay for apps on Apple Watch.

You can make purchases from the app store and then use your Apple Pay balance to pay in-app with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch app.

This makes it easier for users to pay their bills, and the added convenience of making purchases with their Apple Watch makes it easy to keep track of what’s on your wrist.

Apple is also adding a second payment option for Apple Watch in the form of Apple Pay Cash.

Apple Watch owners can now buy from the Apple App Store and use their Apple Pay balances to pay.

This allows Apple Pay users to make purchases at the Apple Store and then pay with their credit card or debit card.

Users can also use Apple Pay with other Apple Watch devices, like their iPhone or Apple TV.

The Apple Watch can now pay for movies, TV shows, games, and other digital content through the Apple TV app, allowing users to access content they’ve already purchased with their iPhone.

The iOS 9 update brings with this update support for Siri voice control for Apple TV, which will now allow users to control Siri and other Apple TV features.

Siri can now be controlled via Siri on Apple TV from the Watch as well, as long as the device has Siri enabled.

Siri will also be integrated with Siri, which is now available on the iPhone, and will allow users access to Siri via Siri, Apple Pay and Siri Remote.

The Siri Remote will be available for iOS 9 in the Apple iOS app store as well and will work with Apple Pay payments.

In addition, Siri now supports the new Apple Pay interface on the Watch.

This will allow Apple Pay payment functionality on the watch to be accessed through the Siri Remote, which has now been added to the iPhone and Apple TV apps.

Siri Remote allows users to interact with Apple Watch and iPhone apps through Siri, allowing the user to set reminders and other information for the Apple Watches, and to make payments in-game.

In the future, Siri will be added to other apps for the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, and Apple Pay will be integrated to other Apple Pay features, including the Apple Health app, Apple Music, and more.

This includes the new watch face for Apple’s new Apple Watch Series 2, which comes with a new watch band and color, which lets you see your Apple Watched fitness metrics and heart rate.