When will Microsoft be ready for Windows 8?

By Hilbert Hagedoorn on July 25, 2019 07:23:59PM EDT”It will be interesting to see how the new kernel is being developed,” said Kristian De Jong, the CTO of the Linux Foundation.

“Its a big step in the right direction but still in its infancy.

We expect its arrival sooner rather than later, especially as it’s the first major revision of the kernel in 25 years.”

Linux kernel developers will be using a new revision of their operating system to implement the new operating system, dubbed LTS.LTS is a long term support release, meaning it will be supported by the developers for at least another year.

It is designed to be backwards compatible with the Linux kernel, and will be available for a wide range of platforms, from ARMv6 to x86_64.

“This means that if [Microsoft] is able to deliver an update to users on time, they can deploy this on a variety of different platforms,” said De Jong.

“The only reason why [Microsoft isn’t doing this] is because of the number of things they have to do to support the kernel, but also to ensure the integrity of the code.”

Windows 8 will be the first mainstream operating system for Windows, after Windows 10.

It will also be the next version of Windows, following Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft said that it will provide a free upgrade to existing users of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, as well as to existing customers of Windows Server 2016 Enterprise and Windows Server 2020 Business.

The company also announced a new subscription plan for Windows 10 for $119.99 per year.