Google is hiring as much as 20,000 people to build and deliver the Android platform

The Google software company has been hiring as many as 20 to 20,500 people to work on its next generation of mobile and cloud software, its chief executive has said.

The Google executive said the move will help boost its mobile operating system which will be unveiled at a media event on Monday, after a long-running search for a new CEO.

The announcement of the hire comes after Google chief executive Sundar Pichai took to the company’s blog in May to announce the company was hiring an additional 20,700 developers and engineers to build its next-generation mobile OS.

Pichai also announced a new team for the software development of cloud services, which will combine the cloud computing and mobile software offerings.

Google is already building its cloud services and mobile services and will build a number of new services over the coming years.

Pichari also said Google will be building new cloud-based apps for Google’s Android smartphone platform, Google Assistant and Google Drive.

The Google-owned Android maker also plans to release a new version of its web browser, Chrome OS, in 2018.

Google, which has a $7.4 billion market capitalisation, is seeking to build a “next generation” of its mobile and software services.

It has been trying to hire talent for the mobile and internet services over several years, and its first hires are expected to include 20, 000 people over the next two years.

Google’s mobile operating systems, Chrome and Android, are seen as its most valuable brands, with its Android operating system currently powering more than 40% of all smartphone and tablet sales worldwide.