How to install Epson Scan Software from the App Store

The epson scan app for iPhone and iPad was updated today to include the option to scan a QR code or email address.

The new option can be accessed through the App Settings app, which can be found under the “About” section.

In addition to QR codes, the app allows users to scan QR codes to access a number of third-party websites and apps, including Facebook, Google, Uber, Twitter, and Yelp.

The QR code scanner also supports the use of QR codes with Microsoft Office documents.

Epson Scan also includes a new option to search the web for news items from Google News.

Epons is the new company that offers an app for iPhones and iPads that can be used to scan the QR code for apps.

This feature will be rolled out to all new iPhones and iPad models in the coming months.

Epons also recently announced that it will be releasing a new iOS app that will help users find and purchase discounted products from retailers such as Best Buy and Target.