New software for rhino software could reduce risk of death

By Tom Davis-Drew The software company that developed the Rhino software has announced a new product that could reduce the risk of rhino deaths by about half.

Rhinoceros are among the world’s most endangered animals, and more than 100,000 are estimated to be living in captivity, many with no idea of the disease they face.

Rhino software is a combination of software developed for the rhino, which is capable of producing sounds, images and video, and the Rhino Mobile app, which has been used by some of the world, including the U.S. government, to monitor wildlife.

The Rhino Mobile team says the software, which they say is now available to more than 40,000 users, reduces the risk by around 10%.

It’s also being tested on humans.

Rhinos have been on the brink of extinction since the 1970s, and with the recent poaching of their horns and other trophies, the disease is becoming a greater threat.