Software developer says it has $100M deal with Tesla for $100K in financing

Axios/Tesla The software developer behind a popular auto-to-glass software tool says it’s secured a $100 million deal with the electric-car maker to build a new version of the tool that can do more than just see cars in front of them.

Car and Driver spoke to Kevin Miller, who worked with Tesla as the company’s lead software engineer, and found that the deal would make it possible to build the company a new auto-glass-detecting software system for the Tesla Model S, the company said.

Miller said he had previously worked on other projects with Tesla, including Autopilot, the auto-driving software Tesla introduced last year.

Tesla has been working on its own auto-glasses software for about a year.

Miller said he’d previously worked at an automotive-safety company that had partnered with Tesla on Autopilots.

He said the new company would be focused on auto-pilot technology, but he didn’t elaborate.

Tesla announced a $5.5 billion acquisition of the Boston-based company in August.