The new Android apps: What to do with the apps you no longer use

An update to Google’s Android software, which includes some apps that were originally built for phones and tablets, was rolled out today.

Google’s mobile OS maker also made the announcement that it would be releasing a new set of Google apps that include search and media apps.

Google is also launching a new version of the Google app for iOS and Android phones, which is a free app, and it will offer more media apps to users on iOS and OS X. The Google apps will come with the new, Google-branded Android phones and will be compatible with the latest version of Google’s Chrome browser.

Google will also release new apps for Android tablets and other devices with a new operating system called Android TV, which has yet to be announced.

Google has long been known for its media apps and has released several of them over the years.

Google is releasing the apps for free and says they will be available on Android phones.

Google says that the apps will work on most Android phones running the latest OS version, Android 5.0 Lollipop, which runs on most Google hardware.