Beat making software to use on your laptop, smartphone and tablet – and learn how to use it to make music

Posted November 07, 2018 09:24:51 You can now make music from scratch using BeatMaker.

The software is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play and lets you record, mix, play and edit your music, all without having to use any existing software.

The process is relatively simple and there are plenty of ways to make beats.

Here’s how you can start.


Install BeatMaker and start with the basics 1.

Open BeatMaker Click on the “New Beat” button.

This opens a new window where you can create a new beat.

Choose the type of beat you want to use, which will then appear.


Drag the “Mix” button to the right to create a mix.

Select the parameters you want your beat to have, then hit OK.

You can adjust the frequency, amplitude, timing and speed of the mix by dragging and dropping the buttons.

This allows you to tweak the frequency of the kick, kick drum, hi-hat and snare drum to create different kinds of sounds.


Save your new beat by clicking the “Save” button at the top of the screen.

If you want, you can also export the beat to your Dropbox or other file-sharing service.


Start mixing Your new beat will be called the “mix” and it will sound something like this: If you are creating a new track, click the “Start” button next to the BeatMaker icon to start recording.


Hit play to start mixing your track.

A new track is created and you can see your track in the track panel.

It is important to check the “Play Now” button in the middle of the Mixer to start playing your track again.


After playing a track for a few seconds, hit “Play again” to stop playing the track.

This will pause the Mixing session.


Once the Mix is finished, you’ll see your beat appear in the “Edit” area of BeatMaker’s screen.

Selecting the beat you just created will open the Beat Editor.

Here you can add new instruments and create more.


If the Mixed track is too long for your liking, you may want to export the mix as an mp3.

If this is the case, hit the Export button and hit OK to save it to your computer.

If it is longer than 10 seconds, you will be asked to select a different file format for the file.

If your file is longer, you should start over.


Once you’ve exported your BeatMaker mix, it can be saved to your SoundCloud account and played back on your device.

You’ll see that the track is now in the Mix file.

Repeat steps 1-6 to create new tracks.

If there are too many tracks in your Mix, the track may disappear from the Mix panel.

To get rid of a Mix, hit ‘Remove’ at the bottom of the track editor and hit “Back” to start a fresh Mix.

The “Back to Mix” button will appear.

This should bring up the mixer’s menu.

Click on “Back”, then choose the Beat you just exported.


When you’re finished, click “Play Again” to get back to the Mix and start playing.

This is where the fun begins.

To make your own beats, click on the “+” and “-” buttons at the left of the Beat Maker screen to add new beats.

You then need to select the beat that you want by clicking it.

The buttons are coloured blue and red to indicate which one you are adding.


To start mixing, hit play to make the Beat sound, then choose “Mix Mix”.

Click on a beat to add a kick drum to the mix.

The kick drum will play a sound as you play the beat.

You should also play the hi-hats and snails to make sounds in the mix too.


When the mix is done, hit PLAY to play back the beat and make sure the Beat is active.

Repeat the process with any new beats you want.

You will then be asked if you want more beats, and you will need to click “Yes” to continue.

When your Beat is finished playing, hit GO again to get to the track editing area.

Click the “+”, “-” and “” buttons to add more instruments and then select the next beat in the list.


Repeat this process until you have a complete beat.

When this is finished the beat will have been added to the beat list.

This means you can play it back.

You are now ready to record.

1 / 4 You can record a beat by pressing the record button and hitting the record icon at the end of the sound.

This pops up a drop-down menu where you select which instrument or beat to record for.

You have to use the record option on the beat first to record