How to install a 3D printer to create custom desktop wallpaper

The maker of the popular desktop wallpaper software called Bisection is making a big bet on 3D printing technology to create new and better desktop wallpapers.

The company’s Bisection 3D scanner, which was recently featured on the cover of Digital Trends, is the latest step in a growing trend toward 3D printers that can be used to create digital wallpaper images and video.

“Our goal is to create something that can work with any computer, whether you’re looking to make a desktop wallpaper, video, or a video editing application,” said Bisection CEO Adam Shackelford, who also happens to be the son of former CEO and co-founder of Canon.

“The more you can print with it, the better.”

Shackefords software uses a 3-D printer for both its desktop wallpaper design and the 3D printable wallpaper.

The printer is capable of creating custom desktop wallpaper with resolutions ranging from 1024×768 to 2,048×1,600.

You can also print a custom desktop background image, which can be shared on Facebook or Twitter.

Shackelords software works with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

The software also allows users to print multiple wallpaper images at once.

“If you need a custom wallpaper for your Windows computer, you can download the desktop wallpaper for Windows 10 and then print multiple copies to use on different PCs, and then upload them as one large wallpaper,” Shackelands software explains.

“You can also share your custom desktop with friends, family, and coworkers and get them to see it too.”

For more information, check out the Bisection website.