How to install car rental app on iPhone 5s with MacOS and iOS 9

Apple is expected to release its next version of iOS 9 next week.

The software update, codenamed M9, will add support for a number of new features, including a new “car rental app”, an alternative “Car” service, a new app that lets you pick up and drop off cars, and a new camera.

The new “Car Service” app is part of the new Car feature, which allows you to choose which cars to rent and when to start renting them, rather than having to select them manually.

This new “Service” feature allows you, as a renter, to choose a car from your car collection, and to choose the time and place of the rental.

The car rental service is now integrated into the app, and you can choose which car you want to rent.

This lets you set up a new car rental for any location, or pick up your old car, if you have one.

To rent a car, you’ll need to be connected to a compatible iOS device and then enter your rental details into the car service app.

The app will then send a notification to your iPhone when a car is available to rent, allowing you to book it on your iPhone.

If you’re having trouble accessing the car, it may be because the app doesn’t support the iOS 9 Camera.

If the car is in a garage, you can rent it through the new “Park” service.

This service is much the same as “Car service” and lets you select a car for a short period of time, but requires you to use a designated parking spot.

The “Park Service” option lets you choose a parking spot and schedule a pickup for the day.

You can also rent cars from a range of local car hire companies.

This means that you can find a car that will work for you.

However, if your local car rental company doesn’t offer the service you need, you might want to consider a service such as Rentalcar, which has car hire services in cities across the UK.

There’s no word yet on when the next update will be available for iPhone users, but the AppleInsider forum is a popular place for discussion of the latest Apple software updates.