iOS 8 software update: Get your free app to fix a bug in iOS 8

Apple is updating its iOS 8 operating system for free to address a bug that was causing some users to lose or delete their personal data.iOS 8, which has been in testing since last month, adds a new setting for “Allow App Store Updates” that allows developers to add code to their apps that will be installed to the iPhone’s hardware, enabling them to download and install the latest version of the operating system from Apple’s website, a change that Apple said could improve stability.

The iOS 8 update was released last week, but the change in the iOS 8 Settings menu is only available for those who installed the iOS 7 update.

The Settings menu for iOS 8 can be accessed by tapping the menu button at the top right of the screen and then selecting Settings.

iOS 8 will now be available to everyone.

While it’s not available to the general public yet, the iOS update is available to developers who have a working copy of iOS 8, or who are using iOS 7 and up. iOS 7 users can install the update by opening an application from the App Store and selecting Update from the search box.iOS 7 and older users can download the iOS 10 beta to check for a bug or fix.

iOS 10 will be the final iOS version released after the September 30 release of iOS 10.

Apple has yet to officially announce when it will be ready for public use.

The company is also currently testing new iOS devices in beta with the iOS 11 software update.