Microsoft’s free music program to be scrapped, according to CEO

Microsoft’s Free Music program will be “terminated,” according to its CEO.

“We want to be clear that we have never supported, nor will we support, this program,” Mike Smith, CEO of Microsoft, said during a live webcast Wednesday.

“We will be taking a different path with our free music offering and have decided that the program will no longer be offered.”

Microsoft has offered the program for free since 2010.

It offers access to popular music apps such as Spotify and Pandora, plus access to the likes of Beats Music and iHeartRadio, which provides access to thousands of radio stations.

But the program has also drawn criticism from critics and music lovers.

Critics say that free music is a Trojan horse to force advertisers to pay for more advertising, and they argue that its “ad hoc” nature creates an unfair playing field for consumers.

Apple, Google, Apple Music, and Spotify have all pledged to cut off the program in the future.

The companies all say they will continue to offer the program as a free trial.