NFLPA CEO: We’re working with league, league office to address players’ grievance

NFLPA President Eric Winston on Thursday said he and his union representatives were working with the league and league office on a plan to address the players’ grievances.NFLPA President Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said the union was working with NFLPA executive director DeMornay Sheppard and the union’s union representative, Mike Florio, to develop a plan for addressing the players grievance.

The union’s grievance has been under consideration since September, when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell met with union officials to discuss the issue.

The union’s response to Goodell was one of the first major changes in NFLPA history, but it has been subject to intense criticism from players and the league.

Players have alleged that the league was unfair to them in the past.

NFLPA officials met with Goodell and Sheppard this week to discuss a resolution.

They also met with representatives of the NFLPA’s union affiliates in the last several weeks to discuss what further steps the union could take.

The league is in the process of developing a grievance process.NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told NFL Network on Thursday that the union would be discussing the issue with the commissioner and the NFL Players Association on Thursday.

The NFLPA, which represents nearly 1.5 million players, has called for a new grievance process and an overhaul of the union grievance process to address its concerns.

The union was in the midst of a two-week strike after players protested against the league’s new labor practices.

Players voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new labor agreement in late August, with the union also voting to unionize.

The players union has been in negotiations with Goodell over the grievance issue.

Goodell has told union leaders he will not allow the issue to affect the NFL’s future.