Razer software is coming to Amazon Prime Video

Razer is releasing software for Amazon Video to allow users to stream and watch video content on their Amazon Prime streaming devices.

Razer software for the Amazon Video app is currently only available to users who have Prime membership and is slated to be available to other Amazon Video users later this year.

“Amazon Prime Video is the ultimate destination for the best video content, and Razer software brings that experience to a whole new audience,” said David Gubler, vice president of product management and chief marketing officer of Razer.

“We want to make it easy for Prime Video users to watch and discover the best content, which includes movies, TV shows, and games.

This is a great fit for Amazon Prime members, as the company offers a great value proposition for their membership.”

Razer announced the new service back in February and said the software will let Amazon Video customers watch videos on their Prime video devices, and also let users watch and record videos using Razer hardware on their other devices.

It will also work with Razer peripherals and accessories.

Users can access the software on the Amazon Prime App, the Razer website, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Razer says it plans to launch more services and add new content to the service in the future.

Razer also announced that Amazon Video will be coming to its Kindle Fire tablets and Fire TV line of tablets.

Razer said Amazon will also be making a new tablet with the Razer Core, which is expected to be released later this fall.

Amazon has also announced plans to sell its own gaming console, the Xbox One X.