‘This is the first time a product that was designed for the Irish market has been released’

This is the debut of the Intel® MRI software.

It’s a tool designed for Irish people and businesses to manage their data and to stay connected to their networks.

It is an extension of Intel’s new data center technology, which is designed to improve the reliability of infrastructure and improve performance in large-scale data centers.

The Irish Prime Minister has been asking for the technology for years.

Now he has finally got it.

The MRI platform will be available to customers in Ireland later this year.

It will be the first commercial use of the new platform in Ireland.

The Irish government is already using it in the construction of its new data centers and other facilities in the country.

The platform was originally designed for Europe and the United States.

Intel said it was designed to be compatible with Irish-built data centers, which can be built using either Intel Xeon E5-2640v3 or the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

The new platform, which has been designed for enterprise and small-business customers, will be used for everything from high-speed networking to virtualization and analytics to virtual machine deployments.

It is a big step forward for the IT industry in Ireland, said Eamonn McCann, Intel Ireland’s managing director for data center software.

Intel has been working on a new generation of software for data centers since the introduction of the company’s new Xeon E7 chip in 2017.

Intel has since released a new version of the software that is aimed at smaller and medium-sized enterprises.

The software will be built on Intel Xeon Phi and can handle up to 100 petabytes of data, according to Intel.

The current software is optimized for Intel Xeon servers and Xeon Phi is used in enterprise servers and other applications.

The new software will also be optimized for data storage devices that support Intel Xeon systems, Intel said.

The products being released today will support the latest storage technologies and be available for use in existing data centers as well as in new data-center facilities.

Intel is also releasing a new software suite that will help enterprise and local customers build their own custom software for Intel platforms.

The package will be ready for testing in October, and will include Intel’s software for enterprise customers as well.

The software is designed specifically for local businesses and the government to help them create and manage applications that run on Intel-designed servers and can be deployed on a large number of Intel platforms, according the company.

It includes Intel-provided tools for developers to use to create custom applications for Intel-designed Intel Xeon, Xeon Phi, and Xeon Scalability-based systems.

The Intel software suite is available for free, according of Intel, which also said it would provide support for its customers in a subscription service.