How to detect and remove the fake Facebook account

In a series of tweets, the Italian football team and football associations president Paolo Di Canio said they had found and removed the fake accounts of a number of players from the Juventus and Lazio teams.

“As soon as I received information that this account was created on the FIFA website, I sent a message to the FIFA official and we have removed it immediately,” Di Canioli tweeted on Friday.

He added that the “administrator of this account is not in our office” and that the person behind it had been banned.

The tweet was shared almost 100 times on Twitter and shared on Facebook, although many users questioned whether it was Di Canolo’s account and how it was managed.

“We don’t know where the account came from.

It seems to be an innocent mistake,” wrote Cristian Mazzoli.

“It’s also possible that someone else created it.

It’s very strange.”

Juventus midfielder Sergio Sanz tweeted: “This account was used to generate revenue for @JuventusFC.

This is not a FIFA account.”

“It is unclear who the person in charge of this is and why this account has been used to create fake accounts for Juventus players.”

I hope this is a simple mistake and that this will not be repeated.”