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New Zealand has announced plans to roll out a nationwide cam-over network.

The National Electricity Market Authority said on Monday that the rollout would start this week.

Users can sign up to receive updates by email, text, or in-app.

The rollout, which is a voluntary rollout, will also be available to anyone using a mobile device.

New Zealanders have long complained about the quality of their local network and a nationwide network could address that, said Jacinda Ardern, the minister for the National Electricity Network.

New York City, which had the most widespread cam-out plans, rolled out its network last year.

More: New York, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Seattle, Washington, are also participating in the rollout.

While the rollout has been voluntary, Arderns said the government is making the effort to make sure it is implemented properly.

“We are committed to ensuring that we get the network up and running as soon as possible,” she said.

The NEMA said that if a person wanted to cancel their cam-in, they would be notified by text message or email.

The NEMA also said the rollout will not impact people who are on mobile devices.

New Zealanders using mobile phones will be able to sign up for cam-outs via an app, which will provide a list of locations and times when the cam-ins can be taken place.

Anyone can cancel their existing cam-overs by using the app or by texting or emailing them at the email address they provided.

To sign up, the person will need to provide their current phone number, name, date of birth, email address, and address, which are all required to participate in the cam network.

Once they have signed up, they will need an email address to sign-up for cam out.